Weight-Less Workshop

by Alice26. March 2014 06:43


Join me, Alice Burron, for an amazing day of insight into HOW to lose weight without diets or crazy exercise programs!

Saturday, May 10, 2014 from 9am - 3pm. Email contact@2BFIT.net for registration or information.

Weight-Less Workshop Flyer.pdf (673.76 kb)


Fitness Fashion: What to wear and not to wear to your workout

by Alice18. December 2013 12:43

Are you waiting for the time when you are at your ideal weight to buy new fitness clothes?  Wait no longer...update your fitness wardrobe and use the momentum to get you motivated to move!

We all have our favorite workout t-shirt and shorts/sweats, but if you’re going out in public, think twice before wearing these because you’re missing a great opportunity to look amazing and increase the success of your workout.

How can your fitness clothes affect your workout?  Your self-esteem is affected by how you perceive yourself, and if you think you look good in your fitness wear, you will ultimately be a more inclined to stay at the gym and give your workout an extra boost of effort.  A 2012 study at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, concluded that clothing can affect the way we act, and even coined a term “enclothed cognition” which describes how clothing influences the wearers’ psychological process, such as positively affecting workout performance.  Also, having a nicer workout clothing selection will inspire you to become more active so you will be more likely to go to fitness classes or the gym.

Fitness wear is everywhere and convenient to buy.  Department stores have plenty relatively inexpensive pieces, but it’s what you’re not seeing, and how pieces are put together, that may make a difference in how they feel and look. 

Fitness wear can be objectively broken down into 4 fitness fashion-affecting components: fabric, seams, size and style.  You want to consider all four before purchasing your fitness wear to get the best of your fitness clothing.

Fitting Fabrics

Many less expensive brands use fabrics that are quite thin (mostly polyester with a little spandex) that show bulges and don’t hold body shape.  These are the pieces that end up worn with a large t-shirt to cover up what’s left behind.

Fabrics should be tight knit, yet light enough to move in. Steer away from bulky cotton, as in the sweatpants. Instead, look for polyester, nylon, spandex mixes that aren’t so thin they snag – a sure sign they won’t last long.  The weight of the fabric will depend on your intentions:  A lighter weight is good for indoors or layering, and a heavier weight is good for outdoors.  Heavier weight fabrics used for indoor fitness can catch odors, and feel heavy when you’re really sweating it up.

A quick word from experience: the dance wear fashion industry is a great place to look for fitness wear, too, and sometimes is less expensive.  Look online or ask your local dance studios if they carry dance wear.

Behind the Seams

Higher-end fitness wear typically has seams everywhere; sometimes multiple panels are sewn together in front, behind, and around the waist.  This helps contour the body while keeping the bulges in place, which not only looks better, but is much more comfortable during an impactfull workout.

Here’s a rule of thumb:  If seams look like railroad tracks, reconsider, but if seams look like two railroad tracks with stitches in between, it’s worth considering.  And, as a general rule, the more seams the better.

A Mile of Style

Sometimes fitness wear has patterns, pockets, buttons, and other fun accentuations on the garment.  If the buttons and/or pockets are in a place you want people to look at, then go for it.  Remember, the bling on a product causes the eye to go to that area.  That’s what it’s for, so if you don’t want eyes stopping at that point, then keep looking for another option.

Slimming side strips on fitness pants and seams top-down on the sides of shirts are also great slimming effects that works for all body types.

If you have long legs, consider a capri that hugs the leg – not one that ends mid-calf with a bell-shape.  If you have shorter, stocky legs, capris are also a great choice, but try to have them land before or after your calf muscle.  This keeps the eye from focusing on the calf.  Legwear should be dictated more by the type of exercise than fashion, but as long as the length is right, the size is not too tight to cause a muffin top, and the waist is covered to keep belly flab in, the fabric seams are good, you shouldn’t go wrong.

Black is always a great slimming choice, but black legwear and solid upper wear is also a great go-to.  If you have a chesty upper body, or are bigger boned, stick with solid colors.  If you are petite or have muscular arms, patterns might be a fun option.

A note to those skinny fit folks:  We appreciate you’ve worked hard on your body and it looks good, but do you really have to share the bare belly with us all?  Save it for the beach.

Size It Up

It’s tempting to purchase something that keeps all the bulges firmly in place, but if you see a muffin top, or fat flab overflow at the waist or around the arm openings of tanks, go up a size, or find a fit with a higher waist to hold in tummy fat.  Worried it will be too big?  As long as it stays on, you’re good to go.

If you must insist on a t-shirt, consider a long-sleeved yoga hoodie - a classy alternative to t-shirts.  T-shirts come in new options that are more breathable, fitted, and styled than a typical t-shirt, too.  Find a solid color (not your 5K shirt from 5 years ago), and make sure it’s long enough to go past the waist so as not to flash everyone while you do overhead moves.

Cost is always a consideration, but in the world of fitness wear, don’t be afraid to spend a little more for quality.  You’ll love wearing clothing that moves with you, looks good, is comfortable, and keeps you active.  It’s worth the investment!


The 2013/2014 Soapstone Fitness Maintain Don't Gain Challenge is Here!

by Alice10. November 2013 08:46

Welcome to the 2013/2014 Soapstone Fitness Maintain Don't Gain Challenge!

The holidays are great - we get exposed to our favorite holiday foods, and enjoy good company...what's not to like?  Oh yeah, the weight gain.

Cheyenne, Wyoming, where Soapstone Fitness headquarters, has an awesome challenge called the Step Up Cheyenne Maintain Don't Gain Challenge, which Soapstone is proud to be part of. This challenge is official, and has amazing opportunities to learn more about healthy living, and participate in activities like Zumba, belly dancing and yoga.  (We provide the Zumba - with Jungle Skirts from our store!) 

But we know not all of you are in Cheyenne, so we offer this challenge to you remotely, as the Soapstone Fitness Maintain Don't Gain Challenge.  It costs nothing to you, plus it gives you an opportunity to be more in-tune of your holiday behaviors so that you don't regret it later.  Why wouldn't you join?

Our Soapstone MDG challenge is similar in that we want you to weigh yourself before and after, and the dates are concurrent with the Step Up challenge. However, Soapstone provides special opportunities for our online participants to receive weekly health-etips, and qualify for prizes from our store.  You even receive a 15% discount on all Soapstone Fitness products during the challenge!  Register and you will receive your code, if you haven't already.

Every Monday, starting November 25, you will receive a Health-etip via email, if you chose this option while you registered.  We hope you find it useful!

If you have any questions, email me, Alice, anytime, at Alice@soapstonefitness.com.  I'm here for you this holiday season! Finally, remember that we want everyone to finish the challenge - whether you reached your maintain goal or not.  We will provide prizes for those who did maintain with prizes up to $100 (one in ten), and for those who tried and didn't make the goal (also one in ten) we will be giving away some of our awesome resource books.  Prizes and winners will be announced January 10.  Way to set up your 2014 for success!  Go get 'em!

~Alice and the Soapstone Fitness Team




5 Exercises to Help with Knee Pain

by Soapstone Fitness16. October 2013 06:28

Knees are one of the most common chronic sore joints because they are so heavily used.  Once they start to get sore, many people avoid using them, and sit more, or avoid activity.  Contrary to common thinking, if you have sore knees, activity may keep those knees working smoothly, and decrease the soreness.

Let's face it, when knees start to bother you, your gate suffers and you walk differently.  You may find yourself grabbing at the rail as you go up and down stairs, or avoiding stepping up/down curbs, or find yourself walking like Gumby.  Have you noticed your walk change since your knee pain started?  One excellent way to strengthen your knees is to start focusing on your walk, and resume your prior gate.  This can actually be difficult, so start slowly.

Here are 5 exercises that will help keep the knees moving without causing excess stress and further injury to the joints.  Perform exercises slowly and with control.  If you experience sharp pain, stop immediately.

1.  Chair leg extensions with bands: Sitting on the edge of a chair, loop band around the bottom of your foot and gently extend that leg until it is parallel to the floor.  Return foot to the bent knee position, keeping band taut. Repeat 10 times for each leg. 

2.  Ball squats: Stand with a ball between you (by your shoulder blades) and the wall.  Slowly lower into a squat, with thighs close or parallel to the floor.  Hold for 3 seconds, then slowly raise back up. Repeat 10 times.

3.  Standing side raises: Stand with feet together and legs straight. Slowly raise right leg as far as you can while keeping leg straight. Pause 3 seconds, then lower. Repeat 12 times, each leg. Add ankle weights to increase intensity.

4.  Mini sumo jump squats: Stand with feet slightly more than shoulder-width apart. Lower into a shallow squat, like a sumo wrestler. Jump from that position, pushing through both legs equally, back to the shallow squat position. Lets will remain bent.  You won't need to jump very high to get the effect. Repeat up to 15 times. Use your toes to soften your jump.

5.  Stationary scissor lunge:  Stand with one leg in front of the other. Bend front leg (this will be your support leg) and straighten the back leg (this will be your moving leg), reaching heel to the floor. Bend back leg again very slowly until knee comes forward, then straighten leg, pushing heel to floor again. This move will stretch your hamstrings and calves, but will also straighten the knee joint.  Repeat 10 times each leg.

Stretching the hamstring is also a great way to keep the knee joint from feeling the pull from tight hamstrings.  Stand with one straight leg on a bench or chair and slowly lean forward, hinging at the hip, so you feel the stretch in the hamstring and not so much in the back. This stretch can be done while sitting.  While sitting on the edge of your chair, extend one leg and point toes up.  Slowly lean forward, keeping your back straight.  Hold for 5-10 seconds, then repeat on the other side.




Find Your Reason

by Alice20. September 2013 19:25

What impresses me most about what I do in the health and fitness industry is listening to people who are trying to improve their lifestyle habits for those they love.  One of my favorite coaching stories is about a wonderful woman who gave her every bit of energy to her family, but neglected herself in ways that were dangerous to her health.  Even thoughthe doctor told her to eat less, exercise more, etc., she still continued her patterns, until, that is, she received the light bulb moment when she recognized that doing things for her health was doing things for her family.  Without further prompting, she lost weight, started walking every day, took small moments away to recharge, and let go of the not-so-important things by un-committing to them.

What triggered her to change her past?  Her present.  I truly believe that's the key: once you find a good enough reason to change a behavior (or add a healthy one) you won't need pills, gym memberships (unless you want to) or support groups - it just happens because you want it to and you find a way to make it happen.  The things just mentioned help you get there, but they're not the solution.  Recognize the difference in approaches?

Is there a behavior you want to change?  What is your reason to change a behavior?  If that reason is important enough, you will find a way to make it happen - guaranteed.

Many times people wonder why past attempts to eat healthier, quit smoking, lose weight, get active, etc. haven't worked.  The reason is because you haven't had, and let, the important reason be the driver to making it work. Find your reason, and let that reason help you to find a way to reach your goals.  If it's important enough, you'll do it!

Wellness Coaching is a great tool to help you discover your reasons behind health improvements you want to work on.  Give it a try and let us help you succeed! To set up a coaching appointment, email us at info@soapstonefitness.com.  We set up coaching appointments according to your needs.




Three Simple & Smart Breakfasts

by Alice16. August 2013 07:49

Skipping breakfast can set you and your metabolism off-track for the rest of the day. Try these three recipes for a simple and nutritious way to start your day.  

Homemade Raisin Bran

Mix one cup of Total cereal with 1 tablespoon of raisins and 1 cup of nonfat milk. Making your own raisin bran saves you 50 calories, 6 teaspoons of sugar, and 5 grams of fat compared to the pre-made raisin bran in 2% milk. 

Breakfast Shake

Easy for on-the-go alternative to breakfast.  One cup frozen berries, 1/2 banana, 1/4 cup wheat germ, a little nonfat milk or water.  1 tablespoon of soy or whey protein powder can be added for a boost of lasting energy.

Veggie Scramble

This breakfast is for a busy morning that will require some long-lasting substance to keep going strong. Spray pan with cooking spray. Scramble one egg with 1/2 cup spinach and 1/2 cup mushrooms.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Top scramble with salsa, and serve with a 1/2 grapefruit. 


Sitting: Can It Kill You?

by Alice20. July 2013 09:22

We always hear about how exercise is good for you because it prevents disease, keeps weight under control, etc.  However, little attention has been given to the benefits of plain, simple movement.  If you are moving, even putzing around all day, you are still doing a great benefit to your health by preventing illness that comes from sitting too much.  But, if you're sitting all day...watch out!

New research has suggested that sitting for more than 3 hours each day increases your risk for kidney disease, and sitting too long can cause nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.  Sitting for more than 6 hours a day raises your risk of death by as much as 37% - even if you work out!  Prolonged sitting is a risk factor for all-cause morality, independent of physical activity.  The longer you sit, the higer risk of certain types of cancer, too!  Can sitting kill you?  Yes it can! 

Many of us don't have a choice in our jobs - we must sit, and so are sitting ducks when it comes to the negative health toll sitting is taking on our bodies.  Never fear, though, there ere are some simple things you can do to counter a desk job:

1.  Take 2-minute breaks of light- or moderate-intensity activity.  Examples are walking, yoga, and following short fitness videos. 

2.  Break up your day with two-20-minute segments of activity.  Soapstone Fitness has a great Yoga at Your Desk CD-Rom that counters the hunching position of sitting, and is great for those who need stress relief and want to improve flexibility.  It's quick, relaxing, and effective.  Or make a rule that while you're on the phone, you're standing.

3.  Try a standing desk.  If possible, use a standing desk with a foot rest underneath and alternate the support leg.  If this is too difficult to stand all day, alternate between a sitting desk and a standing one, if possible.  Treadmill desks are becoming more popular because they encourage a slow-paced walking motion that still allows you to continue to write and type, but keeps you active.  Many people have reported great success and even weight loss with the treadmill desk.  The downside is in the cost: they range from $700 to $2500 a unit.

4.  Sit on a balance disc/cushion or fitness ball. The cushion allows you to move your rear-end in all directions while still being seated, forcing you to use more muscles than just sitting on a desk chair. The fitness ball is another tool to keep the body moving and adjusting so it doesn't stay in one position for long periods of time.  Both can take some time to get used to, as they do work the core muscles, so work your way up gradually to eventually using these exclusively in place of a desk chair.  We have Soapstone Fitness Balance Discs in fun colors, and Fitness Balls, too. 

Now that you know the facts about sitting, get off that chair, and move!  Email us anytime for more information on any of our products at soapstonefitness@gmail.com.




Discover & Use Your Greatness

by Soapstone Fitness8. July 2013 08:21

You are unique.  You are amazing.  You have the power to influence the world like no one else can. Are you influencing the world with your greatness?

What distinguishes you from every other great person are the fibers of the whole you that make you unique. You can influence and help others like no one else. 

Here are three things to take you on a purposeful path to using your greatness: 

1. Create a vision. Look at your past experiences and your innate talents and ask yourself how they can be useful to help those in need? Make a plan to use your gifts, talents and experiences to help people with one specific targeted goal. Make it happen.

2. Always improve. Find one thing about yourself that can you can improve, and make a realistic, specific time-bound plan to do so. 

3. Find a mentor. Modeling someone you know and admire can positively influence you to move to the next level much more quickly than if you are solo.  Another way of making clear progress is to find someone to walk beside you - helping you sort through the clutter and get to the most important and critical steps to magnify your greatness.

Make a plan to use your unique greatness today. You are more than capable and able to positively influence the world right now! 

If you need someone to help you with fitness goals, nutrition, weight loss efforts, or are interested in being coached so your greatness can be unleashed and achieved more efficiently, contact us directly at SoapstoneFitness@gmail.com to inquire about, or schedule, a Wellness Coaching session.  Click here for more information about Wellness Coaching, or to purchase a 30-minute Wellness Consultation.




Staying on Track During Vacation

by Alice16. June 2013 16:16

Q: I'm making great progress with my fitness routine up until now, but we're going on vacation in a couple of weeks and I'm afraid I'll lose ground.  Do you have any suggestions?
A: Enjoy that vacation first and foremost.  We now know that stress causes weight gain, so finally enjoy a time where stress is less and you can truly relax.  Keep in mind, however, that the calories can add up (did you know a margarita can have up to 750 calories?), so opt for lighter options when possible, like light beer, wine and clear liquor.  And with your food choices, keep moderation in mind, but have, and enjoy, the foods you want.
The more you indulge, the more work it will be (and stress) to get back to where you were.  So limit your damages, and indulge only where it's truly worth it!
Also, make activity a priority.  Wear a pedometer to make sure you're getting enough steps a day to account for the extra calories you may be eating.  We have a special on our pedometers...25% off of our Yamax pedometers through Monday, July 15, 2013.  Click here to order today!
We also have a Travel Healthy Kit (picture below) that will guide you to making the right food choices, plus give you a strength training opportunity using bands which are easy to use in a hotel room or tight quarters.  To learn more about this kit, Click Here.


We've got your back when it comes to traveling and staying on track! Now go and enjoy that vacation!


Ask A Fitness Expert Question/Answer

Sleep and weight gain: What’s the connection?

by Soapstone Fitness11. May 2013 13:42

Is too little sleep a cause of weight gain?  According to Donald Hensrud, M.D., Mayo Clinic preventive medicine specialist, it may be.  Recent studies have suggested an association between sleep duration and weight gain. Sleeping less than five hours — or more than nine hours — a night appears to increase the likelihood of weight gain. 

In one study, recurrent sleep deprivation in men increased their preferences for high-calorie foods and their overall calorie intake. In another study, women who slept less than six hours a night or more than nine hours were more likely to gain 11 pounds (5 kilograms) compared with women who slept seven hours a night. Other studies have found similar patterns in children and adolescents. 

One explanation may be that sleep duration affects hormones regulating hunger — ghrelin and leptin — and stimulates the appetite. Another contributing factor may be that lack of sleep leads to fatigue and results in less physical activity. 

So now you have another reason to get a good night's sleep.






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